Executive and Business Coaching: An Effective and Necessary Resource for Companies Today Print E-mail

“Coaching really energizes both me and my clients,” states Beth Carter. Carter Consultants was entering its 17th year as an executive search and research firm when Beth decided to broaden its product offerings. She explored various ideas and possible joint ventures and partnerships and decided that business and executive coaching would be the ideal for her and the company. Beth had been informally coaching in the areas of job transition, career building and communicating in the workplace for most of her 22 years in the executive search field so felt she had a basis to work with.

Is It Time to Move On?

Is it the time? Do you really think so? Even in this economy to quit your job? Many think to themselves “I would love to get out of here – permanently.” How do you determine when it’s time to go?

The decision to leave a job is huge and ranks up there with buying a house, getting married, and having a baby. It is a very big decision, and affects other aspects of your life, including how you feel about yourself personally. Suddenly you begin to undervalue your worth and worry about what friends and family might think if you were among the unemployed. Quit and you might suffer from seller’s remorse. Stay and continue to despise your position, and wish you were somewhere –anywhere else.

Sometimes it is important to take stock of a situation and just move on. You might be surprised how liberating it can be. Besides the obvious reasons (want to make more money, shorter commute, etc.) for making a change, keep in mind that this gives you the opportunity to identify a position that is much more fulfilling and provides you with the personal and professional development that you need and want.

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