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Alumna Spotlight

Helping others achieve their goals: Beth Carter ’85

For many of us, setting career goals can be intimidating, frustrating, or downright confusing. “What’s a realistic goal,” we wonder, “and how do I get there from here?” Beth Carter ’85 has built a successful business by helping people answer these questions as they search for new jobs and more fulfilling careers.

Beth is founder and principal of Carter Consultants Ltd. in Fairfield, Conn., which conducts research and market studies and provides organizations with qualified candidates and human resources consulting. The firm also offers feedback and guidance to help executives better organize their time and manage their employees.

The Art of Communicating Without Words Print E-mail
The spoken word is an important form of communication, however, it can be very limiting. Nonverbal communication actually tells a much more accurate story of what an individual is trying to convey. A study conducted by UCLA states that 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. This is critical especially in today’s world because we rely on texting and e-mail more and do not get enough daily practice to be sensitive to our nonverbal messages. Younger generations are especially prone to be misunderstood by older managers in the workforce and need to keep in mind that “actions speak louder than words.”
Salary Negotiations – The Dos and Don'ts Print E-mail

Embarking on a career search involves the ability to successfully negotiate on one’s own behalf when the opportunity presents itself. Really, anything is negotiable; with a little research, some planning, and patience – even a desired salary can be obtained. Part of the recipe requires belief in your abilities. Here are some tips to enable you to negotiate effectively:

2008 Employment Trends Print E-mail

Although several recent surveys have stated that although the economy is in a recession, at least half the companies surveyed are still planning on hiring at the same rate as last year. Over 25% of companies are planning on hiring even more people in 2008. Surveys aside, there are some interesting trends occurring in the recruitment field that need to be addressed.

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