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Alumna Spotlight

Helping others achieve their goals: Beth Carter ’85

For many of us, setting career goals can be intimidating, frustrating, or downright confusing. “What’s a realistic goal,” we wonder, “and how do I get there from here?” Beth Carter ’85 has built a successful business by helping people answer these questions as they search for new jobs and more fulfilling careers.

Beth is founder and principal of Carter Consultants Ltd. in Fairfield, Conn., which conducts research and market studies and provides organizations with qualified candidates and human resources consulting. The firm also offers feedback and guidance to help executives better organize their time and manage their employees.

Contagious enthusiasm

“Coaching clients through their personal career assessments really energizes me, and the effect is contagious,” says Beth. “My clients get excited when they see how the ’homework’ I’ve assigned fits into the larger puzzle that answers where they want to be and how they can get there. What gratifies them the most is that they have done the work themselves.

Beth graduated from Bryant with a degree in business administration and concentrated in business communication. “The professors at Bryant and the class material were so interesting and immediately helpful to me as I began my career,” says Beth. “I had an internship at KPMG with the head of public relations, and his recommendation, based on my education and communication skills, helped me secure a position in the firm’s
executive search practice.”

So began Beth’s interest in recruiting as a profession. “Bryant laid the foundation for my career path,” she says. ”I learned the general principles of many different aspects of business from communication, marketing, accounting, and business law courses. At KPMG, I refined my experiences in my current field.”

Beth gained more valuable knowhow later in her career as an associate at executive search firm Ward Howell International, and as a senior consultant and research director for professional services firm Ernst & Young in New York, before striking out on her own.

Complex challenges

In the beginning, she used her networking skills to secure independent consulting work from a former supervisor. Her excellent work ethic and the high quality of completed projects expanded her business. “Requests for my services grew, and I had to hire staff to assist me,” says Beth. “I enjoy all the challenges of running my own company and couldn’t imagine working for someone else.”

In addition to her own business, Beth has created a consortium with several other professionals to provide workshops on executive and career coaching. They also conduct seminars for individuals and groups on managing life transitions, and the art of communicating without words.

“Organizations and employees are facing issues that are much more complex than those of even 10 years ago,” says Beth. “And, for the first time in history, there are four generations in the workplace – all with different attitudes, expectations, and behaviors. It’s important that we all understand and prepare for these potential opportunities.”

Beth Carter has created a coaching consortium with three other partners offering Executive Coaching which offers assessments, group and individual coaching services and workshops that provide the right mix to have the client(s) achieve their goals.

Ms. Carter graduated cum laude with a BS in business communications from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island in 1985. She launched a marketing and public relations career in the Big Apple that soon evolved into executive search working for KPMG, Ernst & Young and Ward Howell. She earned an MBA at New York’s Baruch College in 1990. Beth has lived in Connecticut for over 25 years.