Candidate Development Print

executives running a raceOur team of executive search consultants has had much success in identifying potential candidates from a targeted group who are not always in an active job search. First, we will work closely with our client to create a position specification; it is essential to develop the candidate’s interest for the position and the client company, ensuring that the opportunity is strategically positioned.

We then will make contact with prospective candidates by utilizing the research that we generated or through names the client already possesses. From the initial field of prospects, our staff performs telephone screening to determine the candidate’s interest and abilities. We recognize that in today’s marketplace, a successful recruiter must be very proactive in approaching individuals. For this reason, we will make ourselves available to prospects any time including nights and weekends.

Depending on our client’s needs, we also can provide in-depth candidate profiles, personal interviewing, and assessment of managerial abilities, technical expertise and interpersonal skills. Our team can also offer reference checking and salary negotiations. If a client hires more than one individual for an assignment, there is no additional cost. In addition, every individual’s contact information and comments are recorded and a final report will be prepared for our client for future use.

Some more of our recent assignments include:

VP Manufacturing/Plant Manager Multi-billion dollar chemicals company
SVP E-Commerce
Multi-billion dollar nutraceutical company
Sales Leader - Automotive Major information provider
General Manager $5 Billion Division
Prestigious food service company